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What our Customers say

The size worked well for legal size documents. Because of the briefcase type shape and handle you can easily use it to take with you in addition to being able to store it easily in a dresser drawer. The small inside pocket is handy for smaller items. I was very happy with the product and the timeliness of the delivery.


This is perfect for important paper, jewelry and other items like DVD’s! My daughter bought this for me to mainly store something very important to me. Three DVD’s of every picture that were taken of my son who passed away in 2004, he was 7. We actually tested the bag when we received it and it totally worked! Thank you! I highly recommend!

Stephanie Garofalo

Purchased to put legal size papers in and was not disappointed! Does as it says, roomier than I expected. Good quality and well made.

Amber R

Having this makes me feel better! First, it is one place to put all the documents and things that 'matter' instead of in various files/places around the house. Second, knowing that I could just grab it and go and not have to think if in a panic. 3rd that my stuff is safe in a fire or a flood, even if i'm not there to grab it. Great value!


This fireproof waterproof bag is awesome, light weight, strong and good quality.

Jeff Auch

This is a great value for the price! The material the bag is made from is strong and fire resistant, and there's plenty of space inside to hold standard size documents, notebooks, folders, etc. without having to fold anything. Plus, the way the bag is made, the zipper opening is complete covered by a flap held down with strong velcro, so I don't think there's much chance of water getting inside. There's also a handle on top for carrying the bag, so it's easy to relocate.
I would definitely buy this again.


The size is perfect for what I needed. I’m using it to keep all of the paperwork, sympathy and floral arrangement cards and all correspondence relating to my husbands death and funeral. I chose this bag because I want to make sure they are safe from fire and water. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Janie Wanie

I love the size of this storage bag. It’s big enough to hold an accordion folder and more in it.
I wanted it for the documents that we have to keep at home for easy access, but that I wouldn’t want them ruined if anything happens and it works perfect for my purposes. Is really light weight too so if I wanted to carry it anywhere it wouldn’t be an issue.
Really happy with the purchase

Ana laura mariscal
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