By Md. Nobi Jun 07, 20

Fire accidents rank number one when it comes to statistics on loss of property and documents in organizations and homesEvery year, people across the world lose billions of dollars’ worth of property to fire accidents, most of which turns out to be documents and other physical objects of value.
Disaster can strike at any moment. One moment you may feel safe and protected in your own home and in the other, you may be extremely vulnerable and lose everythingIt is so important to be protected from whatever life may throw at you and protect those items that matter the most – your documents and valuables.
One product that can be of extreme help is the Fireproof and Water Resistant Bags that can help protect your valuable papers, property deeds, car titles, certificates, etc. and keep them safe in the event of any unforeseeable circumstances.
Do Fireproof and Water Resistant Bags Really Work?
Yes! Fireproof and water resistant bags are a great way to keep documents safe in case of fires, water spills and other possible natural disasters because of their functionalityBut there are few things you need to focus on while you are planning to purchase the best fireproof and water resistant document bag.
Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Fireproof And Water Resistant Document Bag
Some of the factors to consider includes:
1. Material of the bag
The first thing is to check out the material that the fireproof bag is made of. Fiberglass is by far the best material that is used to make these bags. This material has a high resistance to fire in general. So, it’s reliable and efficient.Also get a fireproof bag that is coated with silicone. The silicone ensures that you don’t get an itchy sensation that fiberglass usually causes on the skin.
2. Internal Temperature
The internal temperature is another crucial part that you should consider. This factor regards to how hot it gets inside of the bag. Most bags will stay under 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but in some cases, you need bags that stay under even smaller figures than thoseThat’s why you have to take into consideration the content and the internal temperature information.
3. External Temperature
External temperatures are little trickier because you can’t possibly know what the temperature will be during a fire. You can get estimates, but it’s not the same thing. Fires will get on average a temperature of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, but again, these are estimates. The point here is that you should check the temperature that the bag is capable of resisting. In the case of the fiberglass ones, you will get a bag made of a tough, resistant material.
4. Fireproof and Water Resistant Materials
Many fireproof bags don’t have water resistance. If there is a water sprinkles during a fire outbreak, your fireproof bag won’t be able to protect your important documents. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fireproof bag and lose your things in when there is water spillages. A good fireproof bag that is also water resistant will come with double covering involving a Velcro and a zipper. This will be enough to protect your documents and digital media against water. 5. Size of the bag In the case of digital media like flash drives and CDs, you’ll usually need less space, so you can opt for a bag with smaller sizeAnd If you want to protect a lot of documents in printed paper or even larger objects, you should definitely get a bag with a bigger sizeBut the advantage of buying a large bag, is that if at some point you need to store other things, you’re not limited by the size.
6. Easy handling options
Lastly, the handle on the bag. In an emergency situation, you need something that you can carry even when it weighs more than 10 pounds. So go for fireproof bags that have handles or straps.
Why You Need a Fireproof and Water Resistant Bag From APTGRO
When a fire breaks out, you may think that you have lost everything, but that isn’t the case with a fireproof and water resistant document bagYou can store anything in these bags, and it will be protected up to or over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 15 to 20 minutesThere are plenty of bags out there with different designs and materials, so which one will offer the most protectionFireproof and water resistant document bags from Aptgro are designed to reflect intense heat and insulate against itThey are made from highly advanced materials like non-itchy fiberglass, silicone, flame resistant velcro, and internal aluminized material.
1. It is made of high-quality thick material.
2. Size 15*11*3 INCHES.
3.The bag comes with an inner trim, whereas other bags have trim outside.The trim inside proves better quality and provides extra safety from fire. It is attractive and can be used for travels
4. It is made of silicon coated, 2 layers with non-itch fiberglass and aluminum foil fireproof material.
5. Aptgro fireproof and water resistant bag can withhold up to about 1500F for about 15-20 minutes.
6. Most importantly, the bags are fireproof and water resistant.
7. The bags come with a strong high quality zipper which is water resistant.The zipper extends to the sides, to allow for better use of the bag and wider opening.
8. It has inner pockets to separate documents, CDs, DVDs or even place a laptop and other gadgets.
9. Aptgro bags does not smell like the other bags which has been one of the complaints from Customers’ reviews. 10. The bag has a Velcro wrap over the zipper to provide extra protection from water.
11. Smooth and non-itchy and can be folded and kept inside safe boxes.
12. Finally, Aptgro fireproof and water resistant document bag is tested. SGS has performed the UL94 test which is a standard test for fireproof bags. Aptgro bags material has met the requirement of UL94 VTM-0 and passed under Vertical burningConclusion
Fireproof and water resistant bags are made of special materials that are highly resistant to fire, high temperatures and these bags are made to withstand almost any fire hazard or water spillages.Finding the best fireproof and water resistant bag is important, to protect all of your valuables and has easy handling options. So you should pick a bag that has a handle and plenty of space to carry all of your valuables.
Using a fireproof and water resistant bag from APTGRO to protect your valuables would be a smart move, because apart from the protection they provide to their contents from fire, they serve as excellent safe-bags tooIf you want to purchase a fireproof and water resistant bag, visit our website for quality bags that gives value for your money.