Peace of mind against losing your important documents and belongings to fire or water? – Never ever risk again.

By Richie Ludlow Aug 16, 20

Loss of important documents can be painful and most of the time results in frustration and anger. Often you may have to travel from your home for a business meeting or personal reason. Due to an incident things could go wrong and you lose your passport to a fire outbreak. You can imagine the pain of not being able to see your loved ones due to a sudden loss of your passport to fire damage.
Loss of important documents due to accidents such as a fire outbreak can be very stressful. Documents can be of any type like Federal Documents as Passports, Green Cards, National ID Cards and so on. State Documents such as Vehicle Credentials, Real Estate Documents, etc., and Personal Documents including Medical Records, Financial Records, Photos and Birth/Death Certificate of loved ones and legal documents like wills and funeral instructions.
Undoubtedly some of these documents need to be stored for years or even decades. This is the very reason why you need a good document storage system in place.
Most Common Causes of Document Loss by Disaster
1. Fire outbreak
 Fire breakouts are usually accidental. When it occurs you will barely have the time to retrieve all your important documents to safety. In such cases document loss occurs mainly due to important papers not combined together in a fireproof bag. These fireproof bags can hold against high heat for up to 15 – 20 minutes giving you enough time to save them and avoid the embarrassing after effects.
2. Liquid spill
 Liquid is another factor posing a constant threat to important documents. Pipes can leak, sprinklers can go off, or you could even spill a drink. This could result in severe damage to documents, unless they are stored securely in water resistant document holder bags.
What is The Most Effective Way to Manage Important Paper Documents?
● Take it to the bank
 You can prevent loss of important documents by taking them to the bank. But the banks also cannot protect itself against natural disasters and robbery. Also, how readily available and accessible would your documents be when the need for them arises?
● Make Digital Copies
 The fact that we are in a digital age doesn’t make paper documents any less important. Keeping physical documents is an indispensable business practice. Not all digital document copies can be backed as evidence in certain legal matters. Also, the idea of paperless office is not quite realistic for certain businesses.
● Or try something different
 The safest way to ensure maximum protection of your documents is by collating all of your important documents into the much tougher APTGRO fireproof and water resistant document bag. APTGRO bags are designed to meet your needs and let’s you keep your valuable belongings close at hand.
At APTGRO, our number one priority is to meet your short and long term document safety needs in your homes and officesAPTGRO’s premium quality silicone coated fibreglass can provide maximum protection upto 1500 Fahrenheit for upto 15 to 20 minutes giving you enough time to recover before the fire brigade turns up.