What Makes Fireproof And Water Resistant Bag Special?

By Richie Ludlow Jul 26, 20

Aptgro document bags protect your valuables and documents from both fire and water. Our bags have been tested and have met all requirements for your use. Some of its unique features are;


Made from the highest quality thick materials, including tightly woven fire-resistant fiberglass, with double-sewn edges and treated fabric.


With size 15*11*3 INCHES, it holds A4 size documents and also has plenty of room to protect all of your important documents and valuables from fire. It is big enough to hold a laptop and other gadgets.


Our fireproof and water resistant document bag is affordable, and you get more value for your money.


Protects your documents from fire and can withhold up to about 1500F. Waterproof surface material also protects against water damage. This unique feature makes us stand out in the market.


Competitive bags are made from raw white fiberglass, which can cause severe skin irritation. Our bags are coated to reduce irritation. No gloves needed.


Simply insert your valuables into the bag, and secure the convenient extra-wide Velcro closure. It can be stored easily anywhere in your home or office.


Give the gift that everyone needs. Give the peace of mind that comes with knowing that valuables are protected from fire and water.


All of our bags are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. If there are any issues, we will provide a full refund or send out a replacement free of charge.


Aptgro fireproof and water resistant document bag has been tested. SGS has performed the UL94 test which is a standard test for fireproof bags. Aptgro bag material has met the requirement of UL94 VTM-0 and passed under Vertical burning.

All of these great features provide you with an excellent protection from fire and water.

Why Choose Us
Some people across the world have lost their property to fire accidents, most of which turns out to be important documents and other physical objects of value. You don’t have to pass through this dilemma. Here comes a solution to safeguard all your important documents and valuables from fire. Aptgro fire and water resistant bag can store anything and keep it safe from fire and water.

Give us the opportunity to help protect your precious belongings with our document bags. It is so important to be protected from whatever life may throw at you and protect those items that matter the most. Preparing ahead of time by using our fireproof and water resistant document bag will give you the protection you and your family needs plus peace of mind.