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Your Ultimate Insurance Policy

What’s the one thing you’d grab in case of a fire?

That photo album filled with decades of invaluable memories? legal documents and important receipts? Your grandma’s gold brooch that’s been in the family for ages? 

Why choose? Grab them all in one go with the APTGRO bag!

Fireproof, water-resistant, and large enough to hold your critical documents and cherished valuables.

Go ahead, invest in heightened peace of mind.



Beat the Heat 

Most property fires burn at 1100F. The APTGRO fireproof bag holds its own up to 1500F! 

The secret behind the enhanced fire protection?

Two layers of non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass bolstered by an inner fireproof aluminum layer; materials that keep your valuables safe under the scorching heat.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our fireproof bag has the SGS; UL94 VTM-0 rating.


Endure that Flood

This isn’t just any bag. We go the extra mile. On top of a strong water-resistant zipper, we’ve added a velcro strip for added security. 

Here are more unique features you’ll love:

  • Doubles as a portable document bag.
  • Can easily be folded into safes for extra protection.
  • Fitted with a strong handle for easy grabbing in emergencies.



Trim on Inside 

Discover what sets apart the APTGRO bag from all the rest: inner trim. It takes more time and special skill to create a fireproof bag with trim on the inside; no wonder most brands take the cheaper route and opt for outer trim. But trim isn’t fireproof. So, while most bags go up in flames under 5 minutes, ours can withstand the heat for much longer.




Designed to Accommodate

Jewelry or documents, cash or your laptop, this fireproof bag is large enough to hold them all. You’ll love the full-size zipper that extends from side-to-side to help you slip in documents easier. The inner pocket that allows you to separate documents or place a 13”-14” laptop. And the 15” x 11” x 3” size that can comfortably hold up to 600 A4 size documents and a large number of legal documents.



No Itching; No Smell

No need for gloves; a silicone coating keeps itching at bay. No dealing with pungent smells; we hand-inspect each bag to ensure it arrives in pleasant condition. With APTGRO, you don’t just get a fireproof bag, you get a customer experience like none other. Keep your mind at ease with a serving of premium protection; because you deserve nothing less.




The Secret's the Premium Construction Featuring:

1. High-quality fiberglass for superior fire & water resistance
2. Smooth silicone layer coating.
3. Flame-retardant aluminum foil inner lining
4. Handy inner pocket for organizing your valuables.
5. Sturdy Velcro-closed zipper extends to bag's outer edges
6. Wide opening to fit folders and documents with ease
7. Durable ergonomic handle for emergency grab & go.
8. Large capacity of 15" x 11" x 3" inches.
9. Can easily be folded into a safe box.


Ideal for Home & Travel with dual layer protection - choose with confidence your APTGRO® fireproof bag




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Our Customer is at the heart at what we do at APTGRO and customer service is our #1 priority. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We offer full refund or replacement within 30 days from date of purchase! For truly second-to-none performance choose APTGRO.

Go ahead, invest in heightened peace of mind. Add to cart today. 

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