Fireproof Water Resistant Case with Built-In File Folder for Money & Important Documents
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When It Comes To Protecting Your Priceless Belongings...

APTGRO Is The One Name You Can Trust

Imagine driving home from work one day and you see a pillar of smoke from the area where your house is. As you get closer, you realize it is your house! Racing out of your car, a fireman greets you to tell you a small fire in your office has been contained and no one has been hurt.

Sure, insurance will cover the property damage – but what about your last will and testament? Your priceless photos, your legal documents? Your IDs, credit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, jewelry, and CASH?

That’s where the APTGRO fireproof bag comes in. Thanks to your ownership of this bag, all of your priceless documents and critical belongings will survive this fire.



The APTGRO Safe Fireproof Water Resistant Document Bag:


  • Rated for up to 1500° F for between 15-30 minutes. (Most house fires are only 1,100° F)
  • Internal trim for extra fire resistance
  • Features 2-layer silicone-coated fiberglass
  • Non-itchy and Non-smelly
  • Interior aluminum foil


But What About Floods?

Water can also destroy documents just as easily as fire. Luckily, this APTGRO 1.4”-thick bag is also highly water resistant.


  • Strong water repellent zippers
  • Extra layer of Velcro
  • The same silicon-coated fiberglass provides superior water protection



It is truly 360° protection from any disaster. Get yours today! Click “Buy now” above!
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